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May 17, 2014

Rock Quiz!

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1) Neil Young’s album AFTER THE GOLD RUSH contains a photo taken in Philadelphia.

2) Keith Richards had all his blood replaced with a fresh blood In order to kick his drug habit.

3) Jimi Hendrix once played guitar for the Isley Brothers who became famous for “Twist & Shout”

4) Alice Cooper was not only a runner in high school, but his team won the state championship.

5) Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Holly, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison and Pete Ham all died at age 27.

6) Both Elton John and Rod Stewart got their first big break playing for Long John Baldry.

7) Keith Moon died of a drug over dose after a wild birthday party.

8) The first act that Led Zeppelin signed to their own record label was Bad Company

9) The bass player for the Doors on all their records was never given credit because of contract dispute.

10) Lead singers Peter Wolf (J. Geils Band), Bob Hite (Canned Heat) and Sly Stone all were disc jockeys.


1) There are several rock stars that died at age 27. Which of the following did NOT die at age 27?

A) Pete Ham (Badfinger)

B) Brian Jones (Rolling Stones)

C) Ronnie Van Zandt (Lynnyrd Skynyrd)

D) Jim Morrison (The Doors)


2) Artist Andy Warhol designed album covers for all of the following rockers except:

A) The Rolling Stones

B) Yes

C) Billy Squire

D) The Velvet Underground


3) All but one of the following were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1988.

A) Bob Dylan

B) The Kinks

C) The Beatles

D) Les Paul


4) The following all share the birthday of October 9, EXCEPT

A) John Lennon

B) Jackson Browne

C) John Mellencamp

D) John Entwhistle


5) Which of the following Eric Clapton albums was the first to earn a gold record

A) 461 Ocean Boulevard

B) E. C. was here

C) History of Eric Clapton

D) Eric Clapton


6) The Who album that made it to number four on the Billboard charts was:

A) Tommy

B) Live at Leeds

C) Who’s Next

D) all of these


7) Boz Scaggs was a member of which of the following bands before going solo?

A) The Doobie Brothers

B) The Steve Miller Band

C) Steely Dan

D) None of these bands


8) The first Pat Benatar album to earn a platinum award was:

A) Precious Time

B) In the Heat of the Night

C) Crimes of Passion

D) She has never had one


9) Stevie Winwood earned a Grammy for the Record of the Year for “Higher Ground” in what year?

A) 1986

B) 1987

C) 1984

D) he never earned a Grammy


10) The first REAL Crosby, Stills & Nash public performance took place at:

A) The Filmore East

B) Albert Hall

C) Woodstock

D) The Spectrum


11) Which one of the following record labels did NOT release a Beatles record?

A) Vee Jay

B) Swan

C) London

D) Capital


12) Van Morrison’s real name is:

A) Georgie O’Reilly

B) Van Morrison

C) George Ivan

D) Michael Van


13) John McVie of Fleetwood Mac’s day job before the success of the band was

A) Plummer

B) Tax collector

C) House painter

D) None of these


14) Which of the following did not perform at Live Aid in Philadelphia?

A) Santana

B) Bob Dylan

C) Phil Collins

D) All listed appeared


15) Janis Joplin had a number one hit record with “Me & Bobby McGee” written by

A) Janis Joplin

B) Bob Dylan

C) Kris Kristofferson

D) None of these


16) The Animals had a big hit in 1964 with “House of the Rising Sun” How many weeks was it number one on the Billboard Charts?

A) Two

B) Three

C) One

D) it never made it to number one


17) The Edgar Winter Group had a hit with the instrumental “Frankenstein in 1973”. How far up the charts did it climb?

A) Number 3

B) Number 1

C) Number 10

D) Number 28


18) The man given credit for “discovering” Jimi Hendrix was:

A) Clive Davis

B) Chas Chandler

C) Jerry Moss

D) none of these


19) Between 1964 and 1981 how many number one LPs did The Kinks have on the Billboard charts?

A) None

B) four

C) two

D) one


20) Golden Earring had a couple big hit records. Where did they call home?

A) Colorado

B) Holland

C) New Mexico

D) Denmark 



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