October 02, 2019

Record Store Series: The Record Connection, Ephrata, PA

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Record Connection, Ephrata, PA Record Connection, Ephrata, PA

The actual store address is 550 N Reading Rd. (272 highway) just outside the Lancaster county town of Ephrata, PA. At this unlikely address you will find a real gem. I hadn’t visited the store myself in several years and was absolutely amazed at how much the store has grown and improved since my last venture into the shop.

I had a long conversation with the store’s owner Andy Kamm, and he explained why. When I first talked with Andy, I expressed my surprise on how much larger the store was. He was able to explain why since he has been the sole store owner for over thirty years.

Since the last time I stopped in, the store located directly next to him went out of business. He took over the property and knocked down some walls and substantially expanded his operation. The new store is extremely impressive.

The most obvious difference is the volume of inventory. Like many of the store owners that I have talked to in my travels, business has been great and getting better. So good, that the expansion was more than needed.

The store houses over 100,000 new and used record albums, 45’s, 78’s, CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes, and even cassettes. In addition, you can purchase stereo systems, turntables, speakers, record players and amplifiers. You will get some expect advise in purchasing whatever your audio needs are. If all that isn’t enough you will find some interesting clothing and rock memorabilia.

Once you start to walk through the stores you gain a real appreciation for the work it takes to keep this store well stocked and organized. As you twist and turn through the stacks of boxes you will realize that they are really files of 45 records that a neatly labeled for easy access. Each genre has its own file. Many of the records are rare. If you can’t find it here, you may never find it anywhere. The 78s and LPs are also well organized and made to help you find what you are looking for with the minimum of effort. It is almost breath taking.

This store is more than worth the trip if it out of the way. If you live in Lancaster county, this the very best place to shop for records.

The Record Connection is open weekdays from 10 AM until 8 PM. Weekends from 11 AM until 5 PM. Their website is http://www.RecordConnectionPa.com

While the store is by far the best in Lancaster county, I did find one store in Lancaster that is worth a mention. The name and the products made it noteworthy. Retro Rocks is located in Lancaster, PA. While I expected to see lots of LPs, CDs and clothing, I didn’t expect to see rocks! Yes, aside from the music they have a large collection of all kinds of beautiful rocks, jewelry, fossils, minerals and gems.

Retro Rocks is located in the Wheatland Shopping Center 1809 Columbia Avenue Lancaster, PA. The store’s website is http://www.RetroRockShop.com

Check out pictures of both stores below.

The Record Connection Photos


Retro Rocks Photos


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