December 10, 2018

T. Morgan Podcast — "What's My Age Again?"

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Some of the great and entertaining history of Rock and Roll is discussed in this podcast! The ups and the downs. How Folk and Pop were the beginning of rock. Surf music in California. Beach Boys. Disc Jockey Dick Summer in Boston playing a new group called The Beatles in 1963. T. Morgan talks about conversations with Hy Lit about the Beatles and getting them to come to Philadelphia. He shares with podcast listeners how he got to see the Beatles for the first time as a kid and get paid for doing it! How did he manage that one...? Listen and find out! Topics also discussed in this podcast are Bob Dylan going electric at Newport, Highway 61 Revisited, how the song Like a Rolling Stone changed rock forever, why the Beatles started writing better songs with more meaning, how in 1967 T. Morgan launched album radio in Philadelphia and much more! 

LISTEN: PODCAST THREE — "What's My Age Again?"

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