July 22, 2014

Denny Somach's Book — GET THE LED OUT!

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Longtime friend and fellow music junkie, Denny Somach, has a new book out that is an absolute must for any Led Zeppelin fan.  GET THE LED OUT is now available In both hardback and paperback form.

Denny, who not only is a former WYSP DJ, but a writer and producer of some of the best syndicated and network programming. In GET THE LED OUT Denny has put together the ultimate Led Zeppelin book.  Not only are there numerous beautiful  illustrations and a very complete day by day time line of the group, but lots of behind the scenes stories. 

Always the consummate interviewer, Denny includes some very revealing interviews with not only band members, but others musicians who knew them well.  You are sure to read stories that you have never heard before. 

To find out more details about the book and the author please visit http://www.dennysomach.com.

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