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Think of an elf with a thunderous voice. That was Tom Moran.

My first encounter with this legendary Hall of Fame radio talent took place because of a mix up. Tom was on the air at WIP in Philadelphia. The station was considered by many to be the very best adult radio station in the whole country and Tom was doing afternoons.

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Her name at birth was Christine Anne Perfect. The world would come to know her as Christine McVie, a member of one of the most popular bands in the history of music.

With a father who taught violin and a grandfather who was the organist at Westminster Abby, it almost seemed the Christine was born to make music. Her long journey to fame began in earnest when she was 11 years old and started studying music.

Like so many of her peer musicians, Christine went to college to study art and not music. But it was in her blood. Soon she was performing with a local band called Sounds of Blue. That group didn’t last long, but she along with two other members of the Sound of Blue formed a new band called Chicken Shack.

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The man known for his energic, wild stage show, Jerry Lee Lewis, has succumbed to his failing health at age 87. He left behind a legend of other Rock stars who followed in his footsteps.

The influence Lewis had was far reaching. Talk to any classic Rock Performer and they will almost always include the name of Jerry Lee Lewis among those who influenced them the most.

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The moment that I heard that Jim Seals of the famous duo of Seals & Crofts died at age 80, a flashback immediately transported me back to 1972 and an August night at WIBG the legendary radio station in Philadelphia. Jim Seals was very much a part of one of best and worst memories of my radio career.

It started out as an idea to raise money for a cause that has since long been forgotten. My idea was to have a T. Morgan birthday party while on the air. Special guests were lined up to perform and talk live with me on the air. Listeners were asked to come by the radio station and give me a “birthday gift”. The gift was something that we could donate to food banks or money. In exchange we gave them an album that was provided by various record companies.

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For over 55 years Gary Brooker was not only the lead singer and pianist for Procol Harum, he was also their primary songwriter and leader. During most of those years his voice and piano were the sound of the band.

The first band that Brooker was in was called The Paramounts. They were the perfect steppingstone to Procol Harum. The group could best be described as a Jazzy Rock band that was heavily influenced by Classical music. When the band broke up in 1966, Gary and Robin Trower became founding members of Procol Harum.

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Even though Ian McDonald was in two groundbreaking groups, his name is not well known to many who loved the music he played. Both King Crimson and Foreigner were leaders in establishing a new style of Rock Music.

Ian, who was a native of London, learned how to read and play in music in a slightly different way than most. It was during his five years in the British Army that he learned how to play the clarinet, saxophone, and flute. He used them all during his long career and later added keyboards and guitar to the mix.

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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees for 2022 were announced today by President and CEO Greg Harris. Among those nominated for the first time was the British New Wave band Duran Duran.

“What a surprise and an honor! To be nominated by such a highly esteemed organization is truly special in this, our fortieth, year,” John Taylor, the bass guitarist said. “For decades now Duran Duran have been inspired by the incredible support of our beautiful and diverse fanbase around the world. To be considered by the Hall of Famers is truly next level. Let’s hope we make the cut!”

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While he was born Marvin Lee Aday, we knew and loved him as Meat Loaf. The son of a former policeman (Orvis) and school teacher (Wilma) he was in over 50 movies and TV shows and performed in Broadway type musicals. However, Meat Loaf will always be best known for the iconic album BAT OUT OF HELL.

When that album first came out and started selling at a brisk pace, most people thought that he was an overnight sensation. That was hardly the case.

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We have lost one the most unique voices of all time to Cancer. Ronnie Spector was one of the most respected and loved singers of all of Rock and Roll history. No one else ever sounded like her.

The signature song for Ronnie, “Be My Baby” is just about the most perfect song you will ever hear. The song was recorded in 1963 as the second song recorded by the group known as the Ronettes. However, the only voice on the record is that of Ronnie Spector. The Phil Spector produced record was enhanced by the group of outstanding studio musicians that later became known as The Wrecking Crew.

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Join Ten Years After for their FREE ticketed livestream event from London featuring a pre-recorded performance + live Q&A with the band on Saturday October 23, 2021 at 4pm EST.

This special event will be hosted by T. Morgan and is brought to you by GetOnVolume and Deko Entertainment.

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One of the true building blocks of British Blues, John Mayall, has posted an important announcement on his website http://www.johnmayall.com. In part, what he says is that due to the risks of the pandemic and his advancing age, there will be no more John Mayall tours. While he will still do some live shows near his home in California, he will no longer be touring the world.

With this statement, Mayall has ended decades of touring as one of the true ambassadors of the Blues. It is amazing that he has been at it for so long. John will be 88 on November 29th.

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When The Rolling Stones announced that Charlie Watts wasn’t going to be able to make the “Unfiltered Tour”, because of an undisclosed operation, a voice said to me that we will never see him again behind the kit. Since Charlie himself said in a statement that he wasn’t heathy enough right now but planned to be back in the future of the tour, there was a glimmer of hope.

That hope was dashed when the news came of his death on August 24, 2021. For many of us it was like a part of our life growing up with music also died.

Charlie was so quiet. He never liked being in the spotlight. Interviews were few and far between. He was married to the same woman for 57 years. In many ways, he wasn’t your typical Rock star.

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There are only a handful of true pioneers that had a huge influence on the birth and growth of Rock and Roll. Bill Haley Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Fats Domino, Buddy Holly, Little Richard, and Gene Vincent all made their unique contributions. They are all gone, but their influence will live on forever.

Now we have lost another major influencer. Don Everly died on Saturday August 21 at age 84. Together with his late brother Phil, they drew up the blueprint for harmonizing that was used by every Rocker from The Beatles to Crosby Stills & Nash to The Byrds to The Eagles to, well just about everyone who sings harmony.

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