November 19, 2019

Broadcast Pioneer Hall of Famer, Gene Arnold

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(From L-R) Michael Muderick, Gene Arnold (From L-R) Michael Muderick, Gene Arnold

On Monday evening November 18, 2019 a gentle giant signed off. My friend, Gene Arnold, may not be known by many of you who are reading this, but please read on.

One of the very first on air people I met when I started at WIFI was Gene Arnold. He was already into Album Rock, so he was most encouraging.

Gene went on to do much for the new music Rock community. Below I have a couple of links that can give you a better understanding of just how much he did in his career. He did it all. He was a performer, writer, producer and had one the very best voices in radio.

We kept in touch over the years after WIFI. No matter what was going on in his life, he was always upbeat. He was not only big in stature, but also in his caring nature.

When it came time for me to write my book “Confessions of a Teenage Disc Jockey”, Giant Gene was among the first I contacted. He very generously took the time to write a few words for the back cover of the book.

I was so happy for him that his work was recognized last year when he was inducted into the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia. His induction, somewhat ironically, took place almost a year ago to the day of his death. All of us who knew him are very grateful that he lived long enough to enjoy that very special night.

Despite already being very ill, he had a big smile on his face when we talked at the event. There was no talk of being sick, just the of joy of being selected for the honor.

Here are just a couple of typical statements made on this sad day by mutual friends.

This from fellow Broadcast Pioneer Hall of Famer, Steve Ross:

I'm sad to hear of the passing of our dear friend, Gene Arnold. God knows it's been a very rough road he's been traveling fighting cancer so bravely - always with his Terry right by his side. I don't know if I've ever seen such a devoted couple.

How quickly time passes. It was exactly one year ago that Gene was inducted into the Broadcast Pioneers Hall of Fame. I know how thrilled he was to be honored that night and I can't recall him ever looking better than he did on that special evening.

My heart goes out to Terry and the entire family for the loss of Giant Gene. May his musical soul forever rest in peace.

God bless,

Steve Ross

This from a member of the Broadcast Pioneers Board of Directors, Michael Muderick, who also provided the photo for this story:

While I never had the opportunity to work directly with Gene, we always had wonderful conversations, whether it was at a BP event, our Conshy brunches, or on the phone. He was a true gentleman who cared for everyone, and especially his devoted wife and companion, Terry. Whenever they were together, you could feel the love and warmth between them. I will miss him very much. May his memory always be for a blessing.

Here’s a link to the Gene Arnold bio:

This is a video clip of his induction into the Hall of Fame:


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    An awesome tribute to Gene!

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