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For years long songs were not recorded or if they were they got no radio air play.  In fact, top forty radio didn’t even want to play any record that was over 3:30 minutes long. That all changed as the FM rock radio stations started to grow in popularity. They would not only play long songs, but long songs were among their most requested songs.  With all the great long songs that have been recorded it was very hard to narrow it done to this a list of the top ten long songs of all time.

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The original British rock mad man David Edward Sutch, despite having no real claim to the title Lord, called himself Lord Sutch.  Being influenced by the American R & B singer Screaming Jay Hawkins, he added the Screaming to his name.

In the early sixties, long before Alice Cooper’s stage show was ever thought of, Lord Sutch would be carried out on stage in a coffin (something he stole from Screaming Jay).  He would leap out screaming while wearing all sorts of costumes that ranged from being dressed like Jack the Ripper to a Roman soldier complete with daggers and swords. Of course there was plenty of make up to make him look like a zombie and other shock rock characters.  His live show soon became the sensation of England.

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What better time than now for you to take your own Rock quiz!.

NOTE: If you have not already taken the first quiz, take that first by clicking here.

Take the second quiz below and then send me your name and answers to both to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

I will be grading your papers!  If you get a passing grade I will send you a report card showing that you have passed your rock exam!

Don’t forget to send me the answers to BOTH tests.

OK, let’s get started.

The first section is multiple guess:

1) Which group broke The Beatles box office attendance record at Shea

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