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Tina Turner was the Acid Queen”. That role was just made for her. It would almost seem that Pete Townshend had her in mind when he created the character for the rock opera “Tommy”. The queen left her mark before giving up her throne. Tina put the “sexy” in Rock and Roll. Her stage performance was explosive. Her legendary moves and dancing during the Ike & Tina concerts drove the audience wild.
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On May 11 John DeBella made the announcement that “this big dumb show” was coming to a screeching halt on June 30, 2023. That day Philadelphia will lose one of the true legends of the airwaves. John DeBella made the retirement announcement on his daily show and wrote an open letter to the many listeners to WMGK.
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The changes in both Folk and Rock music in the 60’s was in large part due to David Crosby’s talents. This two-time Rock & Roll Hall of Famer was uncanny in his ability to bring out the best in whomever he sang with his ability to harmonize. It all began with the group who were the real pioneers in what was labeled “Folk Rock” in the mid 60’s. The Byrds sounded like nothing else that anyone had ever heard. Their interpretations of Bob Dylan’s music started a whole revolution in music.
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Jeff Beck, who was on everyone’s list of the best guitarists, has died at age 78. The announcement was confirmed by his representative. The career path to the pinnacle of the guitar mountain began for Jeff while he was attending art school in London. It was the eccentric Screaming Lord Such (see story) who first saw the merit in his guitar playing. After Eric Clapton left The Yardbirds, Jimmy Page recommended that Beck be recruited to take his place. Jeff Beck’s time with The Yardbirds didn’t last long. It was the first of many battles that Jeff would have with…
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“Scenes from an Italian Restaurant” is one of Billy Joel’s most popular songs. The inspiration for the epic saga of Brenda and Eddie is said to have been a real Italian Restaurant. Having dined at the eatery that apparently was the catalyst, it is hard to imagine how it sparked any ideas. Certainly nothing fancy about it. It is just like so many other such places that serve the traditional Italian favorites. Perhaps that is exactly why.The lengthy story telling song is a favorite for several reasons, but the tale of the high school sweethearts certainly is relatable. Everyone can…